As part of our AHRC Digital Transformations project “Transforming Transformation” we commissioned a new artistic work to explore the concept of transforming sound through touch-free interaction within a creative context.

To say we are delighted with the results would be an understatement! esthesis, the new system and work by composer and sound artist James Dooley explores the idea of “grabbing”, “shaping” and “sculpting” sound in live performance. Unlike the primary Transforming Transformation system, which uses a Microsoft Kinect as an input device, and visualises sounds as spheres in a 3D “room”, James’s system uses the Thalmic Myo armband as a controller, allowing far-greater flexibility of movement as well as better accuracy. For visualisation, James’s system uses an abstract representation of the sound, which works brilliantly.

The system was demonstrated during the final workshop yesterday to a spellbound audience.