Hearing and Feeling Memories

Exploring Pixel Data Sonification and Haptic Feedback to Create a Multisensory Experience of Photographs
Project Description

This project explores how converting an image into sound can be utilised to generate an auditory and tactile relationship with photographs, a medium which ordinarily affects a singular sense.

Photography is a powerful tool for allowing one to preserve and capture a moment in time. However, the medium can become limited in the way one can perceive it sensorially. By utilising the data of a photograph by the way of pixels, a photograph can be heard via the process of sonification. Sonification is the process of mapping data to sound signals. By sonifying a visual stimulus an image ceases to be singularly visual. By making an image both visual and auditory, the accessibility and experience of that image changes drastically.

Project Details
  • Client - Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, BCU
  • Date - September 2018
  • Tags - Sonification, Pixel data donification, sound art, generative composition, installation art, Interactive sound, Max