Everything began when I first saw the following video regarding the K-Array KW8 speakers (aka Owl).

After I saw such video, I just wrote an e-mail to the K-Array team about my interest to use such technology in combination with gestural devices. They answered positively, and after a couple of weeks, I had a video call with Francesco Maffei and Daniele Mochi who invited me to visit their lab to do some experiments.

After a month I travelled to the lovely city of San Piero a Sieve (a beautiful village next to Florence, Italy), where in addition to two days of full immersion between the K-Array products, Daniele made me taste one of the best pizza ever had!!

Going back to serious stuff, after a first tour around K-Array speakers, I had the possibility to put my hands on the Owl and to actually hack it using the Myo armband, Myo Mapper and the Owl application manager. Following a video which shows the outcome of such days of experimentation with the K-Array KW8.

Here the Owl’s official video.

Big hand for K-Array!!!


And of course… how is it possible to do not cite one of the best scenes of Twin Peaks?