Myo Mapper (1)Just back from ICAD15, where students and researchers asked me about the system I’ve used to hack the Myo armband.

When I just started to work with the Myo I’ve developed Myo2MIDI, which is a Myo connector able to convert Myo data into MIDI values. However this solution wasn’t the best one, because of rescaling and centring issues. Moreover, using MIDI messages means a loss in resolution of Myo’s data.

Thus, I decided to develop a stand alone application called MyoMapper, which allows me to send Myo data through OSC protocol and so to send Myo data with their original resolution. Nevertheless, to communicate Myo data through MIDI protocol can be always a useful way for transferring from the Myo to musical applications, so I choose to keep this option into MyoMapper. In addition, MyoMapper includes buttons and slider to centre, rescale and reverse Myo data on the fly.

What to say more… DOWNLOAD the beta version and let me know what you think about it!

Following, the examples of MyoMapper used to hack the K-Array KW8, Moog Synthesizers and Integra live.