Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 11.33.02I’m based in Birmingham since May 2013, and everyone around me makes things and stuff.

Currently, they are building in every corner of the city centre, they do indoor and outdoor exhibitions, concerts, they read in parks (unless the library is open, see the picture…………………).

So, few months ago I have decided to make stuff too!
Together with the newborn Star Node (more info coming soon), I have been working on the installation called ‘equinode’, which will be exhibit on 27th September in Atri (Teramo, Italy) in occasion of Vagiti Ultimi.

I had been working on sound art installations with the CRM for five years, until when I moved to Bham and I started to work more on the development of Integra Live, my PhD and live concerts.
equinode brought back the passion for making, thus I went to visit the Birmingham Open Media which is a creative collaborative workspace for art, technology and science. I joined them once for a Maker Monday and from that point I took part in the Living Archive project. Its concept belongs Giada Totaro, and it aims to bring back to life the missing sculpture by Julian Henry Beck through a holographic projection. Moreover, the audience is allowed to interact with such opus and create a new representation of it.

Updates coming soon!!! Stay tuned!