I’m going to travel soon for vacation and work, as every time I go somewhere.
As the post’s title suggests, I’m going to talk about something which happened few months ago, yet it projected my research work further.

I have been in L’Aquila last June, where with Marco Giordano I put one more time my hands on the Metis in occasion of the UnivAQ Open Day (here a small article from Il Centro journal, unfortunately in Italian only).
It had been an exciting day spent exploring again the work initialised by the NUME, which I later developed further for my thesis.

The following days had been even more thrilling for the preparation ofelectroAQustica.

electroAQustica is a newborn festival coordinated by Maria Cristina De Amicis together with the Music Technology department of the A.Casella Conservatoire in L’Aquila (where I completed my undergraduate studies). Thanks to them, after 7 years the A.Casella Conservatoire students could have brought on stage their works. Moreover, they invited me to show my latest accomplishments, even if I’m currently an ex-student of such department. Of course, I happily accepted the invite.

I presented my research work over a pre-concert talk shared with Claudia Rinaldi, and successively through a second execution of VoicEturseG. It has been emotional to talk again in front of my ex-professors and colleagues. Unfortunately, the performance didn’t work out well because of technical issues. However, me and the soprano Vittoriana De Amicis made it.

Thanks again guys for such amazing experience and I’m sorry if I couldn’t make it until the end!

electroAQustica is…