Just back from Berklee College of Music – Valencia, where I delivered a workshop focused on Music Interaction Design using Integra Live.

The workshop was aimed exploring “traditional” MIDI and latest interactive gestural devices. We looked at their usability during musical performance, limitations and how these devices enhance expressivity and the level of engagement with the audience during the performance.

Integra Live was adopted as audio engine for quickly designing and implementing audio interactions. Hardware included Korg’s nanoKONTROL2, ROLI’s BLOCKS, mobile phones, Leap Motion and the Myo armband. After exploring direct mapping techniques using Integra Live, we explored techniques to easily implement machine learning algorithms using Max and ml.ib. During the following days, MyoSpat was used to extended and apply concepts presented during the first day. MyoSpat is a hand gestural controlled system to manipulate sounds and lighting projections.

Thanks to the support of Berklee College of Music – Valencia and Birmingham Conservatoire, I experienced three amazing days in the city of Valencia and acknowledge an exciting and innovative music environment.