The London based company Precision Microdrives mention my work on their blog. I’ve been using their motors in my work with vibrotactile feedback.

Really impressed how they encapsulate the essence of my work in a few lines

“The harder you strum a guitar, the more you feel it vibrate. Similarly, kick a bass drum pedal and you’ll feel a definite tactile response as the mallet strikes the drumhead.

Increasingly, musicians are using computers in their live performances – sometimes as instruments in their own right, or else to manipulate the sound of a traditional instrument. However, such use of computers does not provide the physical feedback musicians are so accustomed to. Instead the feedback (if any) is usually visual i.e. via a computer screen.

There are instances in which such visual feedback is not appropriate or achievable. For example a guitarist using an expression pedal to control volume or tone may need look at their fretboard rather than a computer monitor!”

Have a look at this post.