Yixuan Zhao


Yixuan Zhao is a composer and synthesizer musician, member of Electroacoustic Music Association of China. She is originally from China, graduated from her Bachelor and Master studies in Electronic music production and Electroacoustic music at Central Conservatory of Music, China, currently a PhD candidate in electroacoustic music composition at Central Conservatory of Music, and also a visiting scholar at Integra Lab, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK.

Composition and Research

Her composition, which mainly focuses on electroacoustic music, interactive music and contemporary music, frequently integrate Chinese traditional elements to express her ideas. Her research has been dedicated to exploring the relationship between acoustic instruments and technology. Current works is cooperating with musicians, trying to design more intelligent performance environment in interactive music.


Her works have won numerous prizes and performed in many international conferences and concerts, including Journées d’Informatique Musicale, NIME, China-UK International Music Festival, MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING, Beijing Youth Arts Festival, WOCMAT Taiwan, CRA Young Generation Recording Competition, etc.