Combining harp performance and composing with Human Computer Interaction to extend creative possibilities.
Project Description

HarpCI is a project lead by Balandino Di Donato and Eleanor Turner to find ways to combine Harp performance and composing with research in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Music Interaction Design (MiXD). Primary outcomes of the project are MyoSpat, and hand gestural controlled system for sound and lights manipulation, and The Wood And The Water, composed and performed across the UK by Elanor Turner. This project has also produced a series of workshops focused on electronic harp performance and delivered at Cardiff Metropolitan University for Camac Harp Weekend, Birmingham Conservatoire’s Integra Lab and Southampton University.

Project Details
  • Client - Birmingham Conservatoire
  • Date - Novemeber 2016
  • Tags - harp, Human Computer Interaction, HCI, Music Interaction Design, MiXD, MyoSpat, HarpCI, sound, light, manipulation