How do I send the audio output of Integra Live to other softare?

For sending the audio output of Integra Live to other softare, such as a DAW, we recommend Loopback on Mac OS and VB Virtual Audio cable on Windows.

Will there be a step sequencer for Integra Live?

Yes. A future release of Integra Live will include a eurorack-style step sequencer modules as well as improved synthesis modules.

Why do I need to unblock certain ports on my Windows firewall?

Currently Integra Live runs as three separate processes: the graphical user interface (GUI), the Integra server, and the Pd audio host. These processes communicate with each other using networking protocols on the local machine. Several ports therefore need to be unblocked in order for the software to work.

In a future version of the software all of these components will be combined into a single process and there will no longer be any need to unblock ports.

Can I load VST / AudioUnit plugins in Integra Live?

We have no immediate plans to support audio plugins in Integra Live. This is because including support for plugins would break project file portability. However if you have a plugin you’d like to use, post a feature request and we’ll consider making a new module.

Can I develop my own modules for Integra Live?

Yes. See the Module Development Quick Start guide to find out more.

What license does Integra Live have?

GNU GPL version 2

When will Integra Live be available for GNU/Linux?

Integra Live was originally developed for GNU/Linux as well as Windows and Mac OS. The Integra Live GUI is based on Adobe Flex, and one of the reasons we chose this framework was cross-platform support provided by the Adobe AIR runtime.

However, when Adobe withdrew support for the Adobe AIR runtime on Linux, we had to cease development on the Linux platform.

If a suitable runtime becomes available on Linux we may resume Linux support. Also, since the Integra Live GUI is separate from the Integra server, it may be interesting for someone to develop an alternative GUI on Linux, making use of the libIntegra API.

Will there be an iOS version of Integra Live?

We are currently working on a version “2.0” of the software, which is likely to include support for iOS, but we have no current schedule for release.

How can I get involved in Integra Live development?

The best place to start for developer information is the Integra Live wiki. If you would like to discuss contributing to the project please contact us.