Applied Music Technology 1

Creating Musical Systems

This elective will explore different approaches of creating musical systems for the interaction with technology. This course will begin by looking at the relationship between musical performance and technology, possible means of interaction with sound, and existing systems that enable a seamless interaction with technology starting from a musical perspective.

As well as exploring common tools for electronic music, this elective will also examine how musicians and artists working in different areas have approached electronic music and the concept of performative electronics. This will include live performances, algorithmic composition and installation art from a broad range of artists working in the medium. This elective might open up a new world of possibilities and equip you with skills that can be applied to a wide range of musical projects.

As well as providing an environment for creative exploration, this elective can support your creation of musical systems needed for curricular modules such as Creative Interactive Music Technology Performance. If you are interested in this elective you might also want to consider taking part in “Applied Music Technology 2 – Performing with Technology”, a partner elective that’s focused on performance with musical systems.

This elective is open to all students and is meant to provide a low-pressure environment where to develop skills, projects and receive support for other curricular modules involving technology. Computer literacy and a basic knowledge of digital audio is required. There is a weekly class, and every student will have a dedicated workstation (Apple iMac with an MBox audio i/o and keyboard).

Applied Music Technology 2

Performing with Technology

This course will encourage students to explore the creative use of technology in musical performance. We will start with weekly studies focused on various applications of technology in musical settings. The studies will focus mainly on sound and music, but depending on interest from the group, these studies can also be expanded to include visuals or other media as well. Last year, these introductory settings ranged from the use of complex digital effects with live instruments, to lo-fi music hackspaces with circuit-bent devices. The weekly studies in semester 1 will provide ideas and serve as an experimental testing ground from which you can devise your own project, with opportunities to perform as part of our music tech concerts in December and June.

Your own project as part of the elective can develop in any direction that interests you, and this doesn’t have to result in a perfectly polished project. The elective can also serve as a space to experiment with new materials, devise new music with other students, and learn skills in a low-pressure environment. As the year goes on, the sessions will take on a more open format, allowing you get support and feedback on your project.

This elective is twinned with Applied Music Technology 1: Creating Musical Systems,in which you can get yet more support in the creation and/or configuration of technology for your projects (although you don’t have to go to both!). This module is also a great way to get extra tuition for your graded coursework and recitals, especially in compositions or performances with technology, portfolio work for the Music Tech courses, and for the Creative Interactive Musical Technology Performance module.

Joe Wright is a London-based musician, maker and researcher with an interest in Jazz & experimental music, curiosity-driven musical interaction and neurodiversity.