Today I demo’d the first prototype of our 3D Sound Transformation system at Music Tech Fest Central in Ljubljana. The system-in-progress, has been given the working title “Integra Forms” on account of our aim to enable sound to be transformed (or formed) in space as though it is an invisible 3D object.

I gave some background on the project and then gave a live demo in front of a public audience using a Windows Laptop and a Kinect sensor. Despite my laptop rebooting itself 50 seconds before I was due to go on stage, the demo went well and even in the low light conditions, I was able to demonstrate grabbing a sound from palette and placing it into a 3D space with simple “grasp and drag” hand movements.

The demo sparked some interesting comments and discussion in the bar afterwards. In particular I met with Justin Paterson who is a previous AHRC Digital Transformations award holder and also working with 3D interfaces. I look forward to continuing this discussion in the coming months.