We are delighted to announce the beginning of our AHRC-funded Digital Transformations project, titled “Transforming Transformation: 3D Models for Interactive Sound Design”. This will be a 12-month collaboration with Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design studios, world leaders in digital interaction and visualisation and commercial partners TwoBigEars, experts in developing easy-to-use systems for sound spatialisation with particular applications in the games industry.

Leap Motion Interaction

The project will investigate touch free interfaces for immersive sound design by developing interactive systems that enable sound to be manipulated through hand movements as though it were an invisible 3D object. The interaction will be enhanced by real-time visualisation within a virtual 3D space. In simple terms the Integra Lab systems explore the idea that people can touch, feel and transform sound by picking it up and shaping it with their hands: a kind of sound sculpture. The project will make use of a range of cutting-edge technologies including freehand interaction, trajectory visualisation and vibrotactile feedback, pushing the boundaries of interaction design.

The project will be documented through this blog as well as through academic publications, presentations and performances. Follow the Integra Lab Twitter feed for news and updates