Richard Burn


Richard Burn is a recent graduate of the University of Wolverhampton, with bachelor and masters degrees in audio and sound production. Richard started his PhD at the Integra Lab in September 2015, focusing on the use of haptic and visual displays to assist deaf players of virtual instruments.


In addition to studio engineering skills, he has gained considerable experience in Human Computer Interaction and audio software development. Richard is now a full-time PhD student at Birmingham City University studying at the Conservatoire.


His research is focused on assessing the needs and desires of deaf musicians when playing virtual instruments, which are unable to provide the physical feedback enjoyed by players of acoustic instruments. Once assimilated, this information will inform the design of multi-modal, musically meaningful feedback systems based on the requirements of deaf musicians. Interaction Design techniques will shape the outcome of research findings, with the expectation of designing real-time systems incorporating multisensory aural, visual and tactile (haptic) feedback.

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