Niccolò Granieri


Niccolò is a musician, recently graduated in Music and New Technologies, that has been an Intern at the Integra Lab since September 2015.


Niccolò Granieri, born in 1992, has been studying the piano since he was very young. After finishing a linguistic high school, he decided to pursue a musical career and enrolled at Trieste’s Conservatoire G. Tartini for a three year bachelor degree in Music and New Technologies. In 2015, he graduated with honours and since September he has been an intern at the Integra Lab in Birmingham’s Conservatoire, thanks to the Work With Music Erasmus+ Project.

Music Career

In 2012 he published his first CD, “Vita”, that contains 10 compositions for piano solo. Although from 2013 he has mainly devoted his time to Music Tecnologies, in 2015 he worked with a board game designer from Malta, David Chircop, and composed a soundtrack for the board game “...and then we held hands.”.