James Dooley


James Dooley joined Integra Lab in 2010 as a research assistant, and in 2016 became the lab's co-ordinator. An audiovisual interaction designer, his research investigates creative applications of sound-environment relationships, generative art techniques, novel synthesis methods, and gestural interaction in audiovisual works.


A digital artist and creative coder, James’ performance and installation works focus on creating a sense of place—a meta-environment—and have been exhibited internationally at festivals including: Slingshot (USA), Vuotociclo (ITA), Streaming Festival (online).


Influenced by complexity science, his works rely on the interactions between many simple elements acting autonomously that coalesce to produce emergent forms. He is also the creator of formuls, a project that allows the live performance and comprovisation of ambient-glitch soundscapes via touchscreen interfaces and his bespoke algo-synth software.