Balandino Di Donato


Balandino is a PhD Student at Integra Lab. His research is focused live sound spatialisation using gestural control.

Music Education

He accomplished his undergraduate studies at A.Casella Conservatoire of L’Aquila (Italy), with a thesis regarding the use and development of the Tangible User Interface (TUI) Metis. During his undergraduate studies, he has been working at the Centro Ricerche Musicali di Roma (CRM) as artistic and informatics assistant. At the same time, he was involved in national and international productions as sound engineer.


In 2013, he worked on the development of Integra Live at the Integra Lab, where he is conducting his PhD research since 2014. His current work is focused on object-based audio processing using gestural control. In addition, to driving his PhD, he is currently involved in different research projects such as
Interactive CubeMakerMonday and Star Node.