Project Description

Integra – Fusing music and technology ( was a €3.1M project led by Birmingham Conservatoire and supported by the Culture 2007-2013 programme of the European Union. Bringing together new music ensembles, research centres and higher music education institutions from eight European countries and Canada, Integra promotes the wider dissemination of live electronic music and provides composers, performers, teachers and students with the tools to interact with technology in a more user-friendly and musically meaningful way. Integra achieves its aims through a wide range of activities along four main dimensions:

  1. Artistic: a series of commissions of new works, concerts and two international festivals (Birmingham 2008, Copenhagen 2011).
  2. Scientific: the development of Integra Live, a new software for composing, performing, teaching and preserving live electronic music.
  3. Heritage: the migration of seminal live electronic works that use obsolete technology to the Integra Live software, so that they can be performed again.
  4. Education: a curriculum pilot to teach live electronic music technologies in conservatoires, training sessions for performers, public workshops and outreach initiatives.

In 2009 Integra Lab was set up at Birmingham Conservatoire to ensure the sustainability of the project after the end of the funded period in February 2012 and to further develop and maintain one of Integra’s main research outputs, the Integra Live software.

Integra started in September 2005 and came to an end in February 2012. The project was co-ordinated by Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University, with the following partners: Athelas Sinfonietta (Denmark), BIT20 Ensemble (Norway), Ensemble Ars Nova (Sweden), Ensemble Court-circuit (France), Grup Instrumental de Valencia (Spain), Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University (Sweden), Muzyka Centrum Art Society (Poland), NOTAM (Norway), IEM, University of Music and the Performing Arts, Graz (Austria), CIRMMT, Schulich School of Music, McGill University (Canada).

Project Description


November 27, 2015

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