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Welcome to Integra

Integra Lab is the music interaction research lab founded by Jamie Bullock and Lamberto Coccioli in 2008 as a spin-off development at the end of the first phase of the EU-funded “Integra – Fusing Music and Technology” project. The experience of the Integra project convinced us that interface design for musicians and sustainability of live electronic music were two promising but rather neglected areas of practice-based research. Integra Lab was set up to bring together students, researchers and musicians that shared a passion for live electronic music and were keen to explore further those under-researched areas



Our research brings together technologists, designers and musicians with the goal of transforming human creativity through design-led approaches to music and technology.



Being based at one of Europe’s leading Conservatoires, we work closely with composers, performers, sound artists and digital DJs to produce world class music and sound design.



We are motivated by producing work with wide benefits to culture and society. Alongside our research and creative projects, we have a growing portfolio of commercial activity.

MiXD: Music Interaction Design

Music Interaction Design is at the heart of Integra Lab’s activities. We have gained considerable reputation in music and human-computer interaction, culminating in our hosting of the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) International Conference in July 2020. Our research work focuses mainly on:

  • Developing interactive systems for music creation, performance and education;
  • Undertaking applied and practice-led research in musical creativity and sustainability.

As pioneers of the conceptual framework ‘music-centred design’, we place musicians and the activity of music making at the heart of what we do, developing technologies that empower users and let them think musically. The Integra Live software, for example, was specifically conceived to help musicians design and control their live interaction with electronics

Composition and performance with technology

Integra Lab has a strong history of supporting the production of compositions and performances, and exploring novel applications of technology both in the creative process and in performance. We have worked on a range of composition and performance projects with composers such as Jonathan Harvey, Kaija Saariaho, Julian Anderson, Luca Francesconi, Hilda Paredes and Philippe Leroux, to name just a few.  Outputs from Integra Lab members include works for instruments and live electronics, digital instruments, mixed media and audiovisual, and sonic installations. The Technology in Music Performance (TiMP) Study Group of the Royal Musical Association is based at Integra Lab, and in December 2019 we hosted TiMP’s first Symposium.

Sustainability in the creation and performance of Live electronic music

Ensuring the long and successful life of musical works using interactive technologies is a complex and challenging proposition, involving many artistic and technical considerations. Integra Lab’s members have considerable experience in providing training and support to ensembles and composers in the performance of works from the live electronics repertoire that make use of technologies now obsolete.  We have “modernized” works by Pierre Boulez, Luigi Nono, Roger Reynolds, Edwin Roxburgh, Tristan Murail, Jonathan Harvey, Philippe Hurel and many others, often working directly with the composers themselves, and we have supported performances of the new versions of the works all over the world.

Who we are

The lab team is an experienced group of artists, designers and developers with expertise in interaction design, digital musical instrument design, haptic interaction, gestural control, immersion and mixed reality, music composition and performance.

Current Members

Lamberto Coccioli
Lamberto CoccioliProfessor of Music and Technology
Richard Cornock
Richard CornockHead of Technical Production
Dr Edmund Hunt
Dr Edmund HuntPost-Doctoral Researcher
Matthew Evans
Matthew EvansPhD Candidate
Yixuan ZhaoVisiting Scholar, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing

Past Members

Dr. James Dooley
Dr. James DooleyLecturer
Dr. Niccolò Granieri
Dr. Niccolò GranieriPhD Candidate & Lecturer, Digital Media Lab
Dr. Joe Wright
Dr. Joe WrightPost-Doctoral Researcher
Dr. Tychonas Michailidis
Dr. Tychonas MichailidisLecturer, Digital Media Lab
Dr. Balandino Di Donato
Dr. Balandino Di Donato
Jefferson Bledsoe
Jefferson Bledsoe
Dr. Jamie Bullock
Dr. Jamie Bullock

Funded Research

Our team of talented artists, designers and developers have secured over £1,000,000 in grants and research funding to improve to work we conduct and improve the overall quality of research and understanding in the field.

Our Work

Over the years, our team of talented multidisciplinary individuals have worked on a range of unique and cutting edge projects. Below are some of the fantastic pieces of work we have created.   


Integra Live Downloads
Outstanding research impact
Projects using LibXtract
Pieces use Integra Live


Integra Lab is a continually evolving group of talented individuals working on a verity of different projects. Our blog is a one-stop place to keep up to date with both our work and research.


Since Integra Lab was founded, we have formed a verity of partnerships with various organisations both year in the UK and around to world. Who have continued to support the work and research we conduct.


MiXD 2016

March 16, 2016

Arduino Day

May 12, 2018

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