Matthew has been delivering workshops over the year in collaboration with the Barbican and Vivid Projects. The Barbican workshop was the third workshop in the Life Rewired inspired Design Yourself project in which they explored using images of the Barbican to generate composition by turning pixel data into sound. The participants formed two teams, one focused on taken images of the Barbican at a micro scale, such a textures of the brutalist architecture. The other participants took photographs of the Barbican at a macro scale. After a morning exploring using graphical programming (Max) to create sound from data, the participants used the application VOSIS to play these images on iPads to create a call and response composition.

The COLLIDE: SONIC PORTRAITS AND INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENTS WORKSHOP was part of the Digbeth weekender for Press on and Play at Vivid Projects. After exploring various ways of connecting image and sound with Max the participants created brand new works that were exhibited in the evening. This resulted in an interactive haptic installation that explored the impact of global warming and an interactive sound installation that used changes of light to affect sound.